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The aims of FarmSight are to increase machine performance by optimising operations in all tasks, using advanced telematics to monitor everything from fuel use to tractor utilisation. Increasing uptime by using Expert Alerts to predict component failure, remote machine diagnostics to reducing unnecessary service trips and improve first time fixes as well as maximising the output in the field, leading to cutting the costs of operation.

As technology continues to evolve it can bring added value to your operation, we at Smallridge Bros Ltd also evolve and work hard to bring added value to your operation.  We are offer a selection of FarmSight packages to help you. All packages renewed annually giving you peace of mind throughout the busier times.

If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to contact our Farmsight team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak to your area sales representative.


Service Advisor Remote is the tool that allows us to increase your machine uptime by identifying potential machine issues before they happen, reducing the need for diagnostic call outs. With your permission, Smallridge Bros highly trained technicians can remotely access the machine diagnostics system through JDLink to ensure its running at peak performance and help diagnose faults before making the journey out to the machine.




Remote Display Access allows us to give immediate support by connecting to your in-cab display. Once connected we can assist with setup of implements, troubleshooting and optimisation of your machine.



With you consent, John Deere’s Expert Alerts system uses algorithms to predict certain upcoming issues before they arise. The generation of automated diagnostic and repair information allows us to take a proactive approach to machine maintenance which means less downtime for your machine and reduced repair costs. Alerts are sent through to the service manager who will investigate and get someone out to repair the machine at times even before a fault code or performance issue is identified.


John Deere Section Control automatically turns implement sections on or off to reduce overlap and improve input management. John Deere Section Control can be utilised on drills, sprayers and approved ISOBUS compatible implements.




Integrated AutoTrac utilises factory installed hardware for the control of the tractor steering.  AutoTrac offers increased productivity by being able to cover more ground, reduces overlap and maximizes input as well as reducing fatigue. Features such as Turn Automation can be used to enhance the productivity of the machine by completing the turns at the end of the field for you.


The AutoTrac Universal 300 steering kit allows operators to enjoy the benefits of automatic guidance on machines not equipped with the AutoTrac ready option from the factory. The AutoTrac Universal 300 is a bolt-on solution that provides automatic guidance in John Deere machines and many other brands. This universal guidance solution includes improvements to operator comfort, tracking performance, the resume switch and versatility. Pair the steering kit with a display, receiver and activation to operate automatic, hands-free guidance. The AutoTrac Universal 300 is approved in a number of vehicles not available with integrated AutoTrac, including open operator station machines. The AutoTrac Universal 300 is a great solution for producers looking for an economical guidance system.




  • Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to analyse various constituents within harvested crops, silage or slurry (one sensor, three applications)
  • Enables automated length of cut adjustment based on dry matter content (crop harvesting)
  • Analysis of constituents not only during filling but also during application (slurry)
  • Use as laboratory unit at a storage facility or office allowing accurate feed rationing and livestock health.harvest

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