Head Office
Barnstaple: 01271 858426
Callington: 01579 388900
Holsworthy: 01409 255621
Truro: 01872 722960


Our new working practices:

During these unusual times we will be operating to support you and your business, we ask you to follow the new safeguarding policy’s that have been put in place so that we can keep everyone as safe as possible.


  • From now on we request that all parts customers ring ahead with their order and your parts will be placed outside for you to collect.
  • Will remain open on Saturdays


  • For breakdowns and on-farm servicing, customers need to leave the machine accessible for the engineer and not approach. We must insist you observe this practice to protect both yourself and our staff.
  • For machines being brought into the workshop for repair, please ring ahead to arrange it, then leave your machine and ring the service department to inform them that you have dropped it off.
  • Will remain open on Saturdays


  • During this period on Saturdays our Sales office will be closed due to reduced staffing levels.
  • Please arrange any hire tractor collections before the weekend.
  • Should you require an emergency hire/cover machine please contact.
  • Collabear: David on 07836648918
  • Holsworthy: Phil on 07780221225
  • Callington: Paul on 07813035346
  • If you have any urgent sales enquiries please contact your usual Sales representative.

When visiting any of our depots please insure you are practicing social distancing.


Many thanks for your understanding.