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JDLink telematics now standard on 6R Series

Based on customer demand for maximum uptime, John Deere has announced that from 7 July 2020, all new 6R Series
tractors will be delivered with JDLink telematics as standard equipment.

JDLink not only enables wireless data transfer between the tractor and the Operations Centre in MyJohnDeere.com for

reduced set-up time in the field thanks to AutoTrac Online (which requires a JDLink Connect subscription), it also provides

unique, proven Connected Support tools to ensure proactive machine uptime.

Demonstrating John Deere’s commitment to keep customers working without compromise, this technology also includes

remote machine monitoring and exclusive Expert Alerts, helping to solve potential machine issues before they happen.

Furthermore, with Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) there is no easier way to get set-up and guidance line information sent

from the Operations Centre to a tractor display, or documentation data uploaded (this also requires a JDLink Connect