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Smallridge Bros Ltd at the Royal Cornwall Show, 2023.


Just like Glastonbury, Smallridge Bros are changing our show lineup. We will now be showing the formidable top of the range 448 Hp 8R410 tractor, fitted with the world's first electric infinitely variable transmission with electro-mechanical power split. eAutoPowr is now available for all three machine forms – 8R wheeled, 8RT and 8RX. This is a significant step in John Deere’s journey towards electrification

For the new eAutoPowrTM, John Deere has completely replaced the hydraulic components with an electric power path. The electric drive is designed in such a way that it not only supplies the drive, but also provides up to 100kW of electrical power for external implements via three-phase alternating current (AC). The tractor can perform at optimum with less ballast or further increase productivity by having the ability to operate wider implements with the same tractor. With the help of the e-Drive, the electric drive is activated to prevent any wheel slip from occurring. The slip limit can be set by the driver. This allows the system to support the tractor permanently or only in certain situations, for example, when going uphill.

In addition to the technical innovations, driving comfort is not neglected. In the already very quiet driver's cabin, the noise level is reduced even further. The driver also benefits from the fine speed control and improved acceleration. Since speeds of up to 5 km/h are driven completely electrically, a fast and very smooth transition is possible.