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Precision Ag

The aims of Precision Ag are to increase machine performance by optimising operations in all tasks, using advanced telematics to monitor everything from fuel use to agronomic data. Increasing uptime by using Expert Alerts to predict component failure, remote machine diagnostics to reducing unnecessary service trips and improve first time fixes as well as maximising the output in the field, leading to cutting the costs of operation.

As technology continues to evolve it can bring added value to your operation, we at Smallridge Bros Ltd also evolve and work hard to bring added value to your operation.  We are offer a selection of Precision Ag packages to help you. All packages renewed annually giving you peace of mind throughout the busier times.

At Smallridge Bros Ltd we are able to offer a wide range of Precision Ag products for all brands of machinery. These can be broken in to two categories:

If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to contact our Precision Ag team on precisionag@smallridgebros.co.uk or speak to your area sales representative.


  • 2630 Gen 3 Display
    • The John Deere GreenStar™ 3 (GS3) 2630 Display is a 26-cm (10.4-in.) colour display that features a full-colour touch screen for controlling a variety of precision applications, machines, and implements. The GS3 2630 Display also allows operators to set up multiple home pages and navigate to each home page easily and efficiently, all while other applications are in use. The GS3 2630 Display is specifically designed for producers who desire maximum efficiency, productivity, and premium features.


  • 4200 and 4600 Gen 4 CommandCenter Display
    • The 4200 and 4600 CommandCenter provides a 21.3-cm (8.4–in.) and 26cm (10.4-in) solution for producers wanting a display that is AutoTrac™ guidance, Section Control, Data Sync, and ISOBUS documentation capable only. Offering AutoTrac, Section Control, Data Sync and ISOBUS documentation Ag Management Solutions (AMS) technology in addition to monitoring machine functions provides operators with an economical display, enabling core AMS functionality while maximizing visibility to operations outside the cab.


  • 4240 Gen 4 Universal Display
    • The 4240 Universal Display provides the latest update and improved operating experience for legacy John Deere machines and mixed-fleet operators loaded with benefits such as documentation and variable-rate application functionality included in base price of the display, easy setup and start-up of operations, documentation and setup data exchange with John Deere Operations Center through Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) and the ability to precisely map and operate Section Control for all ISOBUS implements.


  • 4640 Gen 4 Universal Display
    • The 4640 offers the latest John Deere display technology offered in a moveable and user-friendly Gen 4 experience. Providing enhanced usability, increased performance, and greater operator choice, the 4640 Universal Display delivers value by offering all that is available with the 4240 as well as precision application of multiple products simultaneously with individual coverage maps and application points, fully automated headland turns with AutoTrac Turn Automation, passive AutoTrac implement guidance and the ability to share coverage map and guidance lines seamlessly with up to six machines.



  • Gen 5 Universal Display
    • The G5 display replaces the 4240 Universal display and uses a larger 10.1 in. (25.65 cm), 1080p HD, capacitive touchscreen and can grow into a fully capable, movable precision ag display. Tied with a StarFire™ Position receiver, the G5 Universal display provides the power needed to perform all of John Deere’s precision ag features. The G5 display includes the following (see below):


·         View your information with configurable run screens

·         Quickly access information with shortcuts

·         Straighten your rows with an optional AutoTrac License

·         Reduce overlap with optional Section Control License

·         Document data and send it to Operations Center for analysis with Data Sync

·         Help operators out from afar with Remote Display Access

·         Optional AutoTrac RowSense License when guidance accuracy is critical

·         Optional Advanced Licenses to make your day easier

·         1 Analog Digital Input to improve you view of machines, implements and fields

·         2 Digital Video Inputs (Ethernet) for future use

·         RS232 Serial Ports to document and use prescriptions on third-party controllers

·         ISO VT and ISO Doc Compatibility to view and document third-party controllers

·         Expanded John Deere tractor compatibility more (CCD)

      Extended Monitor Capability puts more information available in one glance and more controls at your fingertips


  • SF6000 Receiver
    • The SF6000 receiver is the only receiver offered by John Deere. This receiver comes as standard with the SF1 correction signal. SF1 gives industry leading free correction signal accuracy of ±15cm. It is then possible via and activation and subscription to move to SF3 correction signal giving ±3cm accuracy with seasonal repeatability. If better repeatability is required after this then RTK is available via several routes giving ±2.5cm accuracy.


  • SF7000 Receiver
    • When it comes to large agricultural, small agriculture and turf customers, the StarFire 7500 receiver is precise – allowing for repeatable placement of machines, fertilizer, seed, and herbicides.


100 percent increase in satellite constellations used by the receiver*

17 percent greater accuracy*

Long-term repeatability (where applicable) vs. 9 months*

73 percent reduction in pull-in time*

Universal offering that’s compatible with older and competitive equipment

Interchangeable: tillage, planting, spraying, and harvesting 

*All comparisons made to the StarFire 6000 with SF3



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Integrated AutoTrac utilises factory installed hardware for the control of the tractor steering.  AutoTrac offers increased productivity by being able to cover more ground, reduces overlap and maximizes input as well as reducing fatigue. Features such as Turn Automation can be used to enhance the productivity of the machine by completing the turns at the end of the field for you. You can learn more about the benefits of AutoTrac by clicking here.

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It is possible to fit the John Deere guidance system and displays into the majority of other branded machines without needing to fit the AutoTrac Universal steering wheel. As long as the machine is auto steer capable then utilising a communication box the John Deere display will talk to the machine steering controller and give AutoTrac.


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The AutoTrac Universal 300 steering kit allows operators to enjoy the benefits of automatic guidance on machines not equipped with the AutoTrac ready option from the factory. The AutoTrac Universal 300 is a bolt-on solution that provides automatic guidance in John Deere machines and many other brands. This universal guidance solution includes improvements to operator comfort, tracking performance, the resume switch and versatility. Pair the steering kit with a display, receiver and activation to operate automatic, hands-free guidance. The AutoTrac Universal 300 is approved in a number of vehicles not available with integrated AutoTrac, including open operator station machines. The AutoTrac Universal 300 is a great solution for producers looking for an economical guidance system. 


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John Deere Operations Centre is the hub for all of your data. Whether this is machine data or agronomic data it can all be stored in one location. The capabilities of the John Deere Operations Centre are growing constantly with more and more providers being able to utilise the platform.

A key benefit of the John Deere Operations Centre is the ability for the seamless transfer of data between the machine and the cloud. This means that as a field is finished on the machine all the data is sent directly in to John Deere Operations Centre for you to view on the phone, tablet or computer. It is also possible to share the data for specific fields with other partners. For example if your agronomist wanted to see the yield data for a specific field then it is possible to share just that field with them.


Training and tuition for John Deere Operations Centre can be provided. Just let us know what it is you want to do with it.

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JDLink is the backbones for the connected machine. This opens up all the connect tools that are mentioned below as well as allowing the data transfer to John Deere Operations Centre. JDLink is fitted as standard on all 6R, 7R, 8R, 9R tractors, Combines and Foragers. It is also an option for other models.


If you have an older machine that wasn’t fitted with JDLink then that isn’t a problem either. It is possible to fit the hardware on to older machines to give all the features and advantages of JDLink.


Remote Display Access allows us to give immediate support by connecting to your in-cab display. Once connected we can assist with setup of implements, troubleshooting and optimisation of your machine.



With you consent, John Deere’s Expert Alerts system uses algorithms to predict certain upcoming issues before they arise. The generation of automated diagnostic and repair information allows us to take a proactive approach to machine maintenance which means less downtime for your machine and reduced repair costs. Alerts are sent through to the service manager who will investigate and get someone out to repair the machine at times even before a fault code or performance issue is identified.


Service Advisor Remote is the tool that allows us to increase your machine uptime by identifying potential machine issues before they happen, reducing the need for diagnostic call outs. With your permission, Smallridge Bros highly trained technicians can remotely access the machine diagnostics system through JDLink to ensure its running at peak performance and help diagnose faults before making the journey out to the machine.


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Field mapping is a service that we can offer. If you would like to have your fields mapped and put on to John Deere Operations Centre and any of you other machines it is something that we can offer. Using either a tractor, gator or other vehicle it is possible to put a boundary around your fields as required. This boundary is then uploaded to John Deere Operations Centre to your account. From here is can be sent remotely or via USB to any of your machines and displays. This isn't restricted to John Deere displays as the boundaries can be exported to a variety of different formats to be compatible with other makes.


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  • Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to analyse various constituents within harvested crops, silage or slurry (one sensor, three applications)
  • Enables automated length of cut adjustment based on dry matter content (crop harvesting)
  • Analysis of constituents not only during filling but also during application (slurry)
  • Use as laboratory unit at a storage facility or office allowing accurate feed rationing and livestock health.


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We are able to offer the full range of Metos UK weather stations and crop monitoring sensors.

  • These stations are very versatile and can be placed remotely in any field you would like
  • Solar and battery powered so no wires required
  • GPS location with sim card to send all the data remotely every hour
  • 14 day forecasting available
  • Disease models for 40+ different crops
  • Work planning tool to help identify the best dry conditions for hay or silage
  • Direct link to John Deere Operations Centre
  • https://metos.uk/

iMETOS ECO D3 Climaimetos imt280

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We have partnered with Humming bird technologies to offer a range of satellite and drone imagery and image processing of your crops.

  • Images used to identify health and growth of the crops
  • Allows variable rate nitrogen, seed, growth reg and herbiside maps to be created
  • Yield prediction from some crops
  • Counting and sizing of crops like lettuces
  • Direct link into John Deere Operations Centre
  • https://hummingbirdtech.com/

humPix4D Hummingbird application map .1140x600

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Using the John Deere Operations Centre it is possible to create prescription maps to be used for drilling or fertiliser applications. These maps can be manually created if there are certain areas of the field that you want to adjust the drilled or applied rate. Using yield maps provided via the forager or combine a prescription map can be created to adjust the levels of nitrogen applied to certain areas of the field that may not of performed as well.

Maps can be produced to create complex designs such as those used for maize maze's. Drawing the design on the John Deere Operations Centre allows you to choose how you would like the maze to work. This map can then be transferred to the drill that will switch on and off at the correct place to create the design.


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