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Barnstaple: 01271 858426

Callington: 01579 388900

Holsworthy: 01409 255621

(03/12/18) 2014 Deutz 5120, power shift, left hand reverser, electric SCV, air seat, air conditioning with electric joystick.
Call Blair for further information on 07881303001.

(30/11/18) Merlo 26.6 SPT telehandler, 03 2.6tons to 6M lift.
For more details call Paul on 07813035346.

WGSW 20019280 FRONT LEFT 2

(23/11/18) 2009 John Deere 6830 Premium. 50k, AQ, 4WD front axle with TLS, Air conditioned cab with premium air seat. 3x mechanical spool vales, HMS and trailer brakes.
For more information call Phil on 07780 221225.


(23/11/18) 2015 John Deere 6195R. 50K, AP, cab suspension, command arm with 7" touch screen display and electric joystick. Isobus and Greenstar Ready.
For more details call Bert on 07778 878639.


(23/11/18) Kverland accord fertiliser spreader, 3 bag capacity, 12m + 18M Vanes, border limiter, hopper cover and lights. Tidy order.
For more information call Will on 07881303002.


(14/11/18) Browns Mega Scraper's. 6'6 and 7' models in stock.
Contact your local depot for more information.


(14/11/18) New CLH Ewe & Lamb Trailer, 7'X4', drop down sides, door in tailgate, road legal, mud guards, fully galvanised.
Phone your local depot for more details.

1 (06/11/18) 2015 John Deere 855D Gator. 50K, full cab and doors, digital dash and power steering. Protection bars, tow hitch, alloy wheels and road lighting.
For more details call Blair on 07881 303001

(06/11/18) 2015 John Deere 855D Gator, 50K, power steering, digital dash and bench seat. Cab with doors, alloy wheels, tow hitch, protection bars and front work lights.
For more details call Blair on 07881 303001


(26/10/18) 2002 John Deere 6420 4WD front axle, 40k powerquad plus transmission. 3x mechanical spool valves. Air conditioning with prem mechanical seat. Passenger seat and field office. Fitted with 2017 MX U307 loader with mach coupler and euro carriage.
For more information call Phil on 07780 221225

WGSW 30019713 1

(26/10/18) JD 855D Gator. Full cab doors, bench seat, 50K, power steering, digital dash, protection bars, tow hitch and work lights.
For more details call Blair on 07881 303001


(26/10/18) Vicon Rotoflow Broadcaster, 4-5 bag machine, aluminium extension border limiter, hopper sieve and will spread up to 36m.
For more information call Blair on 07881 303001


(24/10/18) John Deere 5720. 4WD, 40K powerquad transmisson with LHR. Air conditioned cab, 2 spool valves, hydraulic push out PUH. Fitted with quickie Q40 Loader.
For more details call Phil on 07780 221225


(22/10/18) 66 Reg JD 855D Gator. Bench seat, alloy wheels, ball hitch and front fenders. Daylight road legal. Front tyres at 30% and new rear tyres.

For more information call Adam on 07881 303003


(22/10/18) 2016 JD 855D Gator. Standard seats, alloy wheels with new tyres all round. Ball hitch and front fenders, daylight road legal. Recently been through the workshop, serviced and ready for work!
Call Adam for more details 07881 303003


(16/10/18) 3M Mounted front press. Cambridge rolls, adjustable 2 row harrow, heavy duty set up, complete with x5 spare tines.

For more details call Blair on 07881 303001
WGSDOC 20019692 1 resized

(15/10/18) New Tanco I73 Bale Shears. Will grab and retain bale wrap and net, enabling the operator to dispense the bale without leaving his seat!

For more details contact your local depot.

WGSW 20019722 1

(15/10/18) Ex Demo, John Deere 865M Gator. 50K, road homologated with electric tipping butt and tow hitch.
Call Blair on: 07881303001

WGSW 20018680 1

(04/10/18) Row Crop Wheels, adjustable centres with 11” PCD. 460/80x46 50% Michelin tyres.

For more details ring David on 07836 648918