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“Keeping you safe and your wheels turning”

Smallridge Bros are able to offer remote support enabling us to help you get the most from your machine and keep your wheels turning during these difficult times, whilst importantly keeping farm visits or trips to our workshops to a minimum!

This tool is the connected part of your machine. This allows the data from your tractor to be transmitted back to the John Deere operation centre where it is recorded. As well as this the other remote features rely on the JDLink connectivity to operate.
JDLink can help us locate your machines, support you in setup issues and diagnose potential issues.

Remote Display Access (RDA)
As we are not able to come and sit in the cab with you, Remote Display Access (RDA) allows us to be able to view what is on the screen of your tractor utilising the JDLink connectivity that you have.
Visibility to your screen means we can talk you through setup and help diagnose issues that you are having.

View our video of Kris Jones explaining Remote Display Access here...
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Service Advisor Remote
Further to the Remote Display Access via Service Advisor remote, we are able to read all diagnostic codes, collect data to help diagnose problems, run some diagnostic tests and calibrate certain control modules remotely.
Expert Alerts
Using Expert Alerts we are able to proactively monitor your machine. Analysing the data that is coming off the machine using JDLink allows us to make sure that the machine is running in peak condition. If there is some data that is indicating a failure an Expert Alert will be triggered alerting the service department that a failure is imminent on your machine, at times without a single fault code being triggered.
This allows the repair to be completed at your convenience without disrupting your vital work.
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